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Usage - Users (version 1.x)

Using the photo gallery is pretty straight forward for a regular user. The GUI is divided into 4 sections (see Screen shots):

  1. Galleries. The first section is a panel with a list of galleries. Each gallery name can be clicked and a list of thumbnails will appear to the right. When visiting the page for the first time, and no gallery is selected, the last, or newest, gallery will automatically be displayed.
  2. Alternatives. The second section is a number of alternatives that the user can click on. For an unprivileged user there are only 2 alternatives: a configurable link (see install) and "Show/hide image info". Clicking the latter will show some additional info about each photo in the thumbnails section. If the photo gallery is set up with the possibility to see photo meta data (see install) there will also be an extra link above each thumbnail that opens up a new window with EXIF headers (if the photo contains any). If the user is privileged (see 3. Private below), there will also be an option to hide private photos.
  3. Private. The third section is a login panel for private users. When adding photos to the gallery it is possible to mark them as private. That means that only privileged users can view them. Private photo and gallery names are presented with italic text. In Usage - Administrate there are instructions on how to set up private users.
  4. Administration. The fourth section is a login panel for the administrator. When logged in, section 2, Alternatives, will be presented with a few more options:
    • "Goto admin" - Go to the administration page
    • "Log out admin" - log out when done administrating the photo gallery
    • "Show private" - show private photos
    • "Hide private" - hide private photos

    There is also a shortcut to administration of a particular gallery. If you are logged in as administrator, you can click the "»" left of the gallery name and you will go directy to administration of that gallery (see Usage - Administrate gallery).

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  Last update: 2005-02-26