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To get started with the photo gallery you have to do the following steps. Further down there are extra steps which are not required for the system to work.

  1. Make sure that your system meet the requirements
  2. Download the application from (see link)
  3. Unpack the zip archive on your web server in a directory of your choice
  4. Create a database and a user that have create, insert, update, delete permissions on that particular database.
  5. Open the settings.php file that is located in the settings directory where you unpacked the zip archive. Edit the following parameters:
    • $dbhost - the host of the database
    • $dbname - the database name
    • $dbuser - a user having access to the database above
    • $dbpass - the password of the user above
    • $gallery_title - the name of the photo gallery
  6. Start your web browser and navigate to the file setup.php (also located in the directory where you unpacked the zip archive). This has to be done through the web client!!
  7. When prompted for administrator name, password, and e-mail fill in those fields and press submit. Now all database tables will automatically be setup for you
  8. If step 7 was successful, remove the file setup.php from the directory or anyone will be able to change your administrator name/password and regenerate all database tables.
  9. Now you are ready to go. Navigate to gallery.php with your web browser and start using the photo gallery.

Extra configuration

Once the system is up and running there are some extra configuration that can be done. Opening the settings.php again you can edit the following parameters (the settings applies to all versions of the application if not stated otherwise):

  • THEME - the skin of the gallery. In version 1.1 there are only 2 skins available, original and ripoff. In version 2.0 there is only one skin available but you can add your own so the gallery is more on tune with the rest of your web site. See Themes for more instructions.
  • LANGUAGE - the language used in the photo gallery. In version 1.1 Swedish and English are available. In version 2.0 this is not implemented.
  • MAIN_PAGE_URL - relative path to a page that a customizable link should point to
  • MAIN_PAGE_NAME - the display name of the link above

Advanced configuration

There are also some advanced configuration, but it is hardly ever necessary to change these values. If you are unsure, just leave them as they are. If you know what you are doing, here comes a list of them:

  • PAGE_WIDTH - the gallery width in pixels (only in version 1.x)
  • THUMBS_COLUMNS - the number of thumbnail columns that should be used
  • THUMBS_WIDTH - thumbnail width in pixels
  • THUMBS_HEIGHT - thumnail height in pixels
  • GALLERY_DIR - the name of the directory where all photos should be stored
  • TOPLIST_NUMBER - the number of images to show on each page in the toplist (only in version 2.0)
  • OUTPUT_QUALITY - the quality of the image when outputted to the web client. This applies only to jpeg images (only in version 2.x)
  • LOG_TO_FILE - whether the application should log operations to a file. This can be useful if debugging the application (only in version 2.x)
  • LOG_FILE - absolute path to the logfile (only in version 2.x)
  • LOG_LEVEL - the log level. Details can be found in the settings file (only in version 2.x)
  • SHOW_STACK_TRACE - whether the application should show the stack trace when an exception occur. Use this with great care because ir can be used to compromise the system (only in version 2.x)
  Last update: 2005-02-26