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Waiting for my first baby to be born I was searching the web for a simple photo gallery that I could use to present the wonder-to-be to my family and friends. But very soon I realized that the gallery applications that I found was neither easy to use nor easy on the eye (o: So, since the baby didn't come to this world at the time it was supposed to I started to write my own photo gallery application. The mantra during the whole development process has been that it should be very easy to install the application, providing that the requirements are met.

Since I have been working with this application for quite some time now, it is possible that I have lost the feeling for what is simple an what is not. I hope that any comment and point of view that come to mind when using this application will be e-mailed to me. Please see footer for e-mail address.

Best wishes


  Last update: 2005-02-26